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Brainstorming- - the process of putting our heads together to tackle a tricky problem- - is a time-tested method of
finding solutions to the toughest challenges. Brainstorming works, and it works well…  
if  it’s done right.  

But here’s the problem. Brainstorming is deceptively simple: after all, how hard can it be to toss a group of people into a room and bounce ideas around? If you’ve ever been a part of an amateur ideation session you know just how quickly the wheels can pop off. Ideas start out fast and furious, but before long, people hit a wall and blank out. Big personalities dominate the group. Introverts shut down. Politics pop up. The guy in the corner keeps telling you why you can’t do this or that… and the woman next to him is stuck on her pet idea and won’t move on.

How can something that sounds this great in theory end up so disastrously wrong?

Comparing the results you receive from a professional brainstorming session to a do-it-yourself meeting is like comparing a smartphone to morse code:  tap-tap-tapping away eventually gets an idea across, but it’s no match for the range, versatility, and power of cellular technology. When you’ve got a critical project at stake, it doesn’t make sense to settle for sub-optimal results. Consider these three advantages of professional brainstorming facilitation:


Ready for A Fresh Perspective?



By this point, you’re probably open to the idea that hiring an experienced brainstorming pro makes more sense than throwing together innovation sessions on your own. But who should you hire?

My name is Marie, and I’ve been developing winning marketing strategies for ‘Fortune 500’ firms for nearly 20 years. My clients are so pleased with the results from our collaborations that 74% of them have hired me repeatedly. Many use me on their ideation projects because they find my energy, creativity, and marketing savvy to be a valuable addition to their teams.

Other agencies think they need to entertain you with a bag of flashy tricks. They want to dazzle you with how cool they are. They promise fun, fun, fun for everyone. I don’t. That’s simply not my focus. When we work together, we’re going to get results- - anything else is just a waste of time.

Don’t be afraid. You’ll have a blast- - but it’s more like the amazing feeling you get after pushing your body to the limit in your favorite sport. My approach works: when my clients test our ideas with independent firms, they’re amazed and delighted by the go-ahead hurdle rates we achieve.

What do you think- - are you ready for some serious brainstorming?


“The only way we’re going to solve this is with some Serious Brainstorming.”


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“I hired Marie on the advice from one of our company’s chief innovation leaders and was very impressed…

The innovation / new product brainstorming session Marie led for us was professionally done, resulted in great ideas, and she got people to talk & be energetic.”

Nathan Annis | Marketing Director, Hormel Foods

“Marie is a Rock Star! Both as a marketer and consultant she drives insights and results…
you will love working with her.”

Jay Stockwell | SVP, CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER, DIGITAL MEDIA | Nielsen Catalina

“Marie is a strategic, innovative, & creative consultant that gets actionable results! I’ve had the pleasure to work with Marie on Multiple projects and she exceeded expectations every time.”

Brett Asay | Executive Director, Gateway Healthcare

“She is always well-prepared and her teamwork and communication skills allow her to reach project objectives with the willing cooperation of others. She is a creative and realistic thinker- - two traits that don’t always come in combination...”

Mark Ashey | Director, AC Nielsen

The Next Big Idea is on the Horizon


Find a New Path for Your Existing Brand


Make the Other Guys Look Foolish


What  to Say- - And How  to Say It


Open Up Some Colorful New Possibilities


Explore How to Get from Here to There

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For Brainstorming Facilitation

A Fresh New Approach

When your ideation meetings are led by a professional facilitator, you’ll experience an intriguing variety of tried-and-true techniques & custom-built exercises. All you’ll need to do is sit back, relax, and let your creative impulses be gently guided towards a productive outcome.

Fired-Up Collaboration

An objective outsider can lead brainstorming meetings without the baggage that saddles internal innovation sessions. Because a professional facilitator has no hidden agenda, people feel safer making contributions and quickly shed their creative inhibitions.

Ideas They’ll Love

Success builds upon success.
When guided by an experienced brainstorming facilitator, meeting participants feel more and more energized as their productivity soars higher and higher.

Brainstorming: A Tale of Seduction and Betrayal


Brainstorming Facilitator

One of the best things about hiring a professional to lead your brainstorming sessions is how flexible the whole experience is. YOU decide exactly what you want to achieve and what sort of time frame is best for you. There’s no hard sell or pressure to do any more ideation than you feel comfortable with. And because it takes very little money or time, the risk involved is minimal. But be forewarned: my clients have found the results to be addictive…

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Call Marie directly: 678.977.3592

5786 Blue Jay Drive | Portage, MI 49009


Marie loves to travel! These six images copyright 2013 M. J. Elwood.

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